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TI11 Last Chance Qualifier Groups Are Released


The International 11 Last Chance Qualifier groups are finally released, and one of the groups might be the “Group of Death”.

With The International 11 getting closer, the groups for the Last Chance Qualifier are finally released. With it, a group is expected to be the “Group of Death” due to the teams included in it.

The other group were regarded to be normal and quite balanced when compared to the other group.

Group A became the one that fans regarded as the “normal” group with balanced teams. Team Secret became the highlight of the group as the contender, while other teams were quite balanced.

Vici Gaming and Polaris were also the teams to watch from Group A.

Group B, however, became the “Group of Death” with many strong teams stacked on the group. Team Liquid and T1 themselves posed a strong challenge for other teams in the group.

Virtus Pro and Xtreme Gaming were also strong contenders that could make the group even more interesting.

The format itself would consist of Group Stage and Playoffs. Group Stage would be held with a Round-robin BO2 format, while the Playoffs consist of the usual Upper and Lower Bracket.

With the date already closing in, many expected the Last Chance Qualifier to be a glimpse of what TI11 would be.

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