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Moo Complains PGL Support for LCQ Teams


Moo, offlaner from Nouns and runner-up of The International 2016, complains about PGL support for LCQ Teams, especially for their team.

The controversy of PGL handling The International 2022 seems to continue until today. Even one of the players was now complaining about PGL’s handling of the teams.

Moo, the offlaner from Nouns, tweeted how PGL was unhelpful while they were trying to set up bootcamp in Singapore.

The tweet explained how they were able to secure the bootcamp, but was hindered in terms of flight. Moo said PGL was making the flight difficult for no reason, costing them extra with added travel time.

However, their hardship does not stop there as further flight complications happened.

Turns out several of his teammates were having ticket information issues as well. Incorrect names and flight cancellation became their problem as they struggle to get into their bootcamp in presumably Singapore.

After several hours, it hasn’t been confirmed yet whether they could continue their flight or not.

Many fans were already expecting this quality from PGL and were angry at Valve for continuing their partnership with PGL. They thought Valve have learned from their experience and chose different organizers.

Instead, Valve stuck to PGL for unknown reasons, and now the professional players were also having difficulties.

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