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Outsider Return To Virtus Pro After New Ownership


Outsider returns to its roots, Virtus Pro, after an Armenian investor bought their organization. However, fans remain skeptical.

Due to their ties with the Russian government, Virtus Pro suffered penalties and had to play under the name Outsider. Recently, the controversial team was bought by an Armenian investor and was able to use the Virtus Pro name once again.

The fans’ and players’ reactions to this are not as enthusiastic, since they felt the transaction was “fishy”.

The new CEO, Aram Karamanukyan, announced the acquisition of the organization via his personal Twitter account. Aram explained that they are looking to properly announce the acquisition soon.

However, they will need to delay that since there was ongoing conflict in Armenia.

Virtus Pro had also announced its new CEO on its social media and website. The organization was excited about Aram’s involvement within the team in the near future.

We welcome Aram Karamanukyan as the new CEO and investor of The Bears. His vast background in business and resourcefulness will make Aram a big part of our club’s success on the international esports stage. Our new CEO’s experience in the construction business and hospitality industry will allow VP to consistently expand its international offline presence.

However, the acquisition was unpopular with several Dota community members due to its suspiciousness. Many believed that Virtus Pro is simply “ban evading” by handing over their control to a “puppet” owner.

The CEO’s account was also observed to be highly suspicious, as his first-ever tweet was about the acquisition itself.

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