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Fishman, a player from Entity, surprisingly claimed that Alliance plays better than other teams in the TI11 WEU Qualifier.

Alliance has been a story of downfall ever since they lost to Team Bald Reborn. There were many takes about why the team failed to perform, and also opinions about it.

However, one of Entity’s players, Fishman, surprisingly stated that he felt Alliance played better than other teams.

During their post-match interview after winning the qualifier, Fishman was asked about his opinion on Team Alliance. Entity struggled during their match against Alliance, although they went on to win the match.

Fishman offered a surprising opinion on how Alliance performed during the qualifier.

Fishman: Alliance played better than any team in this tournament. People write “Alliance is weak” and another bullshit but on that day, every of them were in unreal zone, they believed in each other as a team. They played so fucking good. I tell you they almost did not make mistakes.

It seems Fishman regarded the team to a high level even after their horrendous display during the qualifier.

The Alliance itself hasn’t clarified the future of its roster after losing to Team Bald Reborn. They posted an apology to the fans and promised to do better in the upcoming DPC season.

Many predicted a total roster change due to the result, although there were also opinions that Alliance would only “lightly” change their roster.

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