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‘We Prepared’: ECHO Yawi Bares Secret on Backdoor Strategy

Dethan Dario

ECHO and its well-executed backdoor strategy was definitely planned all along as revealed by Yawi.

A debate on Beatrix’ kit emerged after ECHO surprised Bren Esports in their September 16 match-up with a backdoor. During the game, a behind-the-back finish was pulled off by ECHO which surprised grouped-up Bren in the Lord’s pit.

Following the match, Yawi bared that the backdoor was one of their practiced strategies. According to Yawi, the team has been practicing the strategy all along.

In a question by Hyprgame, ECHO’s star was asked how the team was practicing the backdoor play. The player revealed that they’ve been doing it during scrims and it’s only doable with Beatrix.

“Siyempre po naka Bea po kami. ‘Yung Bea naman po alam nating malakas sa tore. So, naisip ko rin po kasi na walang gagawin si Benny sa Lord kasi may Grock, at Kadita. Parang mamamatay lang siya ‘dun eh,” he said.

“So, naisip ko po na sa scrim kapag ginagawa po namin ‘yun, kapag may isa pa pong assassin kasama yung Bea, kapag ‘di kaya sa Lord, tinatry po namin i-backdoor.”

Apparently, Yawi’s quick decision-making was agreed upon by the team. He first asked the team if they were willing to take the risky backdoor play.

“Tinanong ko kung kaya ba backdoor. Tas’ ‘yon, nag ‘g’ po sila. Tas’ ayon, dere-deretso na namin tapos gumana po.”

Trade for Lord, Reason for ECHO Backdoor Practice

According to coach Trebor, the team’s reason behind its backdoor strat practice is to trade up a risky Lord contest.

He also echoed that the strategy only works with Beatrix.

“Kay Beatrix lang talaga siya gumagana. Kasi once na hindi na talaga kaya sa Lord fight, mahirap kasi pag Beatrix tapos Masha ang kalaban.”

“Kaya, ginagawa namin yung kapag hirap na hirap kami sa Lord fight, binabackdoor nalang namin.”

Surprisingly, the team has practiced this strat approximately seven times already during its scrims.

ECHO’s win has now cemented the team’s top 3 with a strong 17 pts. Currently, the team is just 1 point away from a tie with Blacklist sitting with 18 points.

Meanwhile, RSG Philippines holds the top 2 spot with a similar 17 pts of its own.

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