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Gorgc defended Alliance and mocked Saberlight for talking about themselves while Saberlight is playing in the North American region.

After defeating Alliance, Saberlight said that he couldn’t imagine losing to Gorgc after one year of practice for TI. Gorgc seemed to take offense with his statement and said things of his own.

He claimed that Saberlight has no right of talking like that since he’s playing in North America.

Gorgc responded while he was casting the game of Secret against Entity. One of his viewers asked him whether he saw the Saberlight clip of talking about him and Alliance.

Gorgc responded that he indeed saw the clip and gave opinion of his own.

“Yeah yeah, I thought he talked big for someone who lost to Nouns in NA DPC league,” Gorgc told.

Gorgc responded further by saying that he felt TSM wasn’t necessarily in a higher level than Alliance.

“I think it’s just NA ego, you know.”

Gorgc seemed to not respect about NA region during his tirade by claiming that going to NA was a “free slot”.

“You play in NA, you get a free slot at TI, what can you do? All of sudden you can talk sh*t about Alliance, I don’t know about that.”

“If Alliance played in NA, I’d bet they will qualify (for The International).”

However, Gorgc also clarified that he was not mad at Saberlight’s statement, and he was just “bantering back”. He claimed that he was just kidding around.

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