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Another upset happened in TI11 EU Qualifier as Alliance faced defeat to Gorgc-stack, Team Bald Reborn.

Alliance fans were in a state of despair ever since their team got relegated to Division 2. However, the latest result should be equally damaging as they lost to Team Bald Reborn.

With Team Bald Reborn just a stack of Gorgc streamer friends, Alliance would be seriously looking into the future of their roster.

The first game became a worrying sign for Alliance fans as they saw the team crumble. Alliance tried to coordinate their pick with Omniknight and Shadow Fiend, which unfortunately backfired. They lacked the control to answer Gorgc’s Chaos Knight Aghanim Scepter rush.

As such, Team Bald Reborn went on to win the first game in the 38th minute.

Since they lost in a dominant manner, Alliance tried to return to the meta picks with Faceless Void carry. Alliance’s plan worked since they managed to counter Gorgc’s Pudge pick and rendered him useless throughout the game.

Team Bald Reborn surrendered at the 44th minute, bringing the match into the third game.

Seeing a lack of AOE damaging spells, Alliance tried Phantom Lancer carry for the third game. However, Nikobaby looked uncomfortable with the hero, only fighting after getting a lot of items which enabled Team Bald Reborn to prepare.

As such, Alliance went on to lose the game at the 54th minute after ZipZaper gets a Rampage as Tuskar. Team Bald Reborn officially kicked Alliance out of the TI Qualifier.

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