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H2wo Fans Cry Foul Over RSG’s Meme

Dethan Dario

The fans of H2wo may not be as thick-skinned as many people would hope, especially when it comes to a meme.

In the third week of MPL Philippines Season 10, Nexplay EVOS faced the toughest competition in the face of the reigning champs, RSG Philippines.

Aside from the tough games, the team also faced tough meme competition, especially for one of its stars, H2wo.

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John “H2wo” Salonga, who played an underperformance with Fanny drew attention from RSG’s social media handler.

In one of the reigning champions’ posts, an Attack on Titan meme was posted showing a titan eating an Elidian soldier covered with H2wo’s face.

This drew ire from the player’s fans saying RSG went below the belt.

The supposed anger from fans fumed a viral hashtag (#MPLPHProtectYourPlayers).

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According to one post, mental health is a very important aspect for players in the MPL PH scene.

“Napaka-importante po talaga ng MENTAL HEALTH sa bawat parte ng koponan sa MPL Philippines 🫶🏻#10 ON TRENDING GUYS! 🤗#MPLPHProtectYourPlayers,” read the post.

(One of the most important things is the MENTAL HEALTH of every team in the MPL Philippines.)

A commenter also told RSG should also start making their own statement regarding this issue. The commenter says these memes are one of the things that he dislikes in the current state of the league.

As of this writing, both RSG Philippines and NXP EVOS are yet to comment on the issue.

Meme Trashtalks, a Normal Thing in the Esports Scene?

As per BREN’s coach Duckey, there’s nothing wrong with RSG’s post. “This isn’t the issue, is it? Because i don’t see anything wrong with this,” he replied on one tweet.

The world of esports’ competitive scene is not excused in trashtalks via memes.

In Dota 2, Team Secret is known for its memeing especially when it’s up against its rival OG.

Team Secret, OG Exchange Trashtalks

Aside from Dota, the Valorant world also sees the same culture, especially fans calling Tenz a choker during tournaments.

With this problem in MPL PH, does this mean fans are just too soft for these kinds of supposedly funny exchanges?

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