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Day 2 of ESL Malaysia finished interestingly due to the patch that dropped before the day started. OG rose while BOOM suffered a downfall.

Fans of Dota were able to see how pro players adapted to the new patch live on Day 2 of ESL Malaysia. The players unknowingly had to wake up and play on a very different Dota 2, with the new patch of 7.32.

As a result, OG seemed to adapt just fine and finished strongly while BOOM had to face some trouble.

While playing with their coach due to Misha’s visa issues, OG managed to almost gain a flawless group stage. Their only defeat came when they faced TSM, winning the first game and losing the second game.

OG won the first game thanks to Ammar’s signature Mars and Yuragi’s performance on Troll Warlord.

However, TSM adapted and managed to gain a draw in the match by winning the third game with Saberlight going on Axe.

BOOM showed the exact opposite of OG after getting defeated by NGX and only managed to get a draw against Team Liquid. Dreamocel managed to get good chemistry with NGX and performed quite well, beating BOOM in the process.

After a 2-0 defeat against NGX, BOOM seemed to bounce back by getting a game against Team Liquid. Unfortunately, they only managed to get a draw and are now in danger of exiting the tournament early.

With those results, OG has secured the Semifinals, while BOOM will need to fight their way into the playoff. They need to win 2-0 against OG and have TSM lose their final match by 0-2 in order to secure the playoff.

As it stands, the scenario seems unlikely to happen, with OG looking quite dominating at the moment.

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