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Fnatic to Attend ESL Malaysia Without Raven Due to COVID


After Miracle’s absence for Team Nigma, Fnatic will also have to go with a stand-in as Raven contracted COVID.

fnatic covid

Due to the global pandemic, it seems teams’ instability is expected. Recently, Miracle had to miss out ESL Malaysia due to his sickness, and was replaced by Dreamocel.

Now, the same happened to Fnatic as well since Raven caught Covid and had to sit out the tournament. Palos will be standing-in for him.

Fnatic announced via their social media account about the current state of the team. They informed fans that Raven was unable to compete at ESL One Malaysia after showing symptoms of the coronavirus.

Turns out, the tests returned positive, and they quickly tested other members of the team as well.

Fortunately, the rest of the team tests’ returned negative, and they were able to compete in the tournament.

With Raven missing, Fnatic opted to have Palos standing-in for them as a carry. Palos himself had impressed ever since he played for Execration, and was touted to be one of SEA’s rising stars.

It remains to be unknown whether he will complement the team or not during the tournament.

Fnatic will be facing tough opponents on their first day, which are BOOM and OG. BOOM themselves have recently won the Galaxy Gamers 2022, and will prove to be a test for Fnatic.

Although OG won’t be playing with their captain again, they are still a strong team with flexible cores.

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