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Bigetron Alpha has taken in a new coach, and it’s gonna be coach Vren!

MLBB Coach Vren

Ex-TNC coach Vrendon “Vren” Lin (also known as Coach V) is set to join the Indonesian squad Bigetron Alpha.

The team told this through a social media post. This acquisition sets the coach as the second Filipino talent to join the Indonesian team.


The first Filipino star to join the squad is Markyyyyy, the former ONIC PH player.

This is a notable acquisition as TNC’s dominant run in MPL PH Season 10 all thanks to the coach.

“Hopefully Bigetron Alpha will appear more brilliant under the strategy mix from Coach Vren,” Bigetron told on their Facebook page.

With this, the team is expected to spice up the trailing Bigetron in the ongoing MPL ID.

Currently Bigetron Esports is at a critical placement in the regular season. With a negative two score, slightly ahead of Geek Fam ID, the team might get eliminated any time soon.

Bigetron Alpha MPL ID

As a coach, Vren debuted with TNC where he had a successful run. The team was able to secure an upper bracket seed in the MPL PH Season 9 playoffs.

Shortly after, however, the team got eliminated by another powerhouse team, OMEGA Esports.

TNC Pro Team ML

Can Vren’s arrival in the Indonesian squad help them in their league?

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