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Cr1t Unhappy With Crowd Giving Info at Majors


Cr1t revealed that the crowd gives away too much information during the Majors due to no soundproof booth.

Evil Geniuses once again underperformed at Valve events after the completion of Arlington Major. They exited the Stockholm Major in the group stage, and in the Lower Bracket Round 1 of Arlington Major.

Cr1t seems to attribute this issue to the fact that crowd sometimes gave away too much information.

The EG soft support revealed this information while streaming on Twitch. One of his viewers asked whether players on the stage could hear the crowd while in-game.

“When the crowd gets hyped in LAN events when some team is doing something exciting, doesn’t the opposing team notice that something might be going on because of the crowd noise?”

He revealed that the players could hear the crowd making noises while on stage, which could reveal crucial information.

“Yes, that is indeed the case on LAN events, it happens during the last major. It was very obvious when someone was doing Roshan. We’re the ones doing Rosh, and we can just hear the crowd making noises.”

“And the other team can just go ‘alright, something’s probably going on.’ And that’s the price for not having a booth.”

Cr1t further elaborated that in EG’s case, it was not the crowd that revealed their information, but rather the casters. However, he also mentioned that with the crowd, everything could get more obvious.

Fans were also agreeing with his takes, and wondered why Major tournaments cannot afford to get a soundproof booth to prevent any unfair advantage.

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