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To no surprise, the Chinese juggernaut PSG.LGD easily booted SEA’s favorite BOOM down to lower bracket of Arlington Major. Although some expected a fight, the series ended at 2-0.

Although PSG.LGD looked unbeatable at the moment, many hoped SEA’s finest would do well against them. However, they got overwhelmed easily by the Chinese juggernauts, and dropped to the lower bracket.

With the defeat, SEA’s squad will face Team Liquid next in order to keep their Major dream alive.

The first game became Ame’s show with his Faceless Void delivering another quality performance. With their teamfight heroes, LGD managed to win almost all of the teamfights that BOOM tried to take.

Although their cores have long cooldowns, LGD used their downtime well to farm throughout the game.

LGD went on to win the first game at the 33rd minute after a disastrous teamfight for BOOM ended the game.

BOOM tried to approach their second game in a different way with Medusa pick. They tried to rely on their late game timings while LGD played on the aggressive side.

However, LGD’s aggressiveness proved to be too much for BOOM, and Medusa didn’t manage to hit her timings.

As such, LGD went on to win the second game and the match at the 39th minute, with BOOM going to the Lower Bracket.

BOOM will be facing Team Liquid in the Lower Bracket for their last chance at the Arlington Major. A victory over the European Team will make them face either Entity or Evil Geniuses.

Should they beat Team Liquid, their participation at The International 11 later will be guaranteed.

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