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Team Secret Officially Kicks iceiceice; Resolut1on to Takeover

Dethan Dario

iceiceice is once again officially out of commission as Team Secret makes Resolut1on a permanent member.

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In an official announcement, Team Secret reported that iceiceice is no longer part of the roster.

The organization expressed its gratitude to the veteran following his contributions to the team’s recent tournaments.

“It’s a tough decision to make but today we say goodbye to iceiceice. Thank you for your time with the squad, we wish you the best in the future.Farewell ice 🖤,” read their post.

In another post, Secret also announced that Resolut1on will be taking a permanent seat.

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“Stand-in no more. The best offlane duo is finally back together. Welcome to the squad, Resolut1on 🏴🏳️,” posted Team Secret.

Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok recently played for Secret on behalf of iceiceice in Riyadh Masters where they performed pretty well. Secret placed 3rd-4th, seated beside OG.

iceiceice initially joined Team Secret post-TI. He joined the organization with Sumail at the same time. However, after multiple slips in the DPC, King Sumail left.

This time, his fellow veteran iceiceice followed his lead after failing to make an impact on the team.

As of this writing, iceiceice remains teamless and is unconfirmed whether he will be retiring or continuing his career with a different team.

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