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Soniqs Signs Quincy Crew, Team Now Secures Official Sponsorship


Quincy Crew, ever since its creation, finally gets sponsored by Soniqs, although it will only last until The International 11.

After a long time playing without any sponsors nor financial assistance, Quincy Crew can finally rest easy. They got sponsored by Soniqs after a good showing in the NA DPC.

Although it will only last until TI11, many hope Soniqs sponsorship could continue beyond the tournament.

Soniqs announced their acquisition of Quincy Crew via a Twitter announcement. They used another gag of CCnC being an “oracle”, first derived from The Summit tournament.

CCnC was portrayed as the LGDAmefan, notorious for leaking roster changed in online communities such as Reddit.

However, their next tweet could be seen as a sign of short-term sponsored tenure for the NA organization.

Soniqs specifically mentioned that they will sponsor the NA team through “this fall” and TI11. The wordings can be implied as a statement of how long the duration of their contract will be.

They were also quite excited to show their sponsorship for Arlington Major, to be held tomorrow.

Although fans immediately caught on to the duration of the sponsorship, they remain confident about the deal. The sponsorship could be a good sign for Quincy to continue existing in the future, as they hold a significant pull for the NA viewers.

There were also comparisons to Mousesports, infamous for sponsoring TI-qualified “lesser” teams and dropping them after.

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