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Riyadh Masters Meta: The Zeus Show


Ever since the latest patch, Zeus became a hero with heavy buffs which made him the meta pick for Riyadh Masters.

In the latest Riyadh Masters, there were two heroes with first pick/ban rate due to their strength, which were Zeus and Tiny. Zeus had a very high winrate of 73.33%, quite high for a freshly-buffed hero.

The hero went on to win several crucial series for teams such as Team Secret. Although, they didn’t manage to pick the hero during their elimination match.

In the top five most picked heroes of the tournament, Zeus became the second on the list. His flexibility offers damage in all roles, ranging from midlaner to even soft support.

The most glaring buff he received that enabled him to be this strong was the skill Heavenly Jump.

Heavenly Jump enables Zeus to jump forward or in place, depending on his movement status. While jumping, he zaps nearby heroes and slows them to a crawl, making them effectively disabled for seconds.

Although the damage wasn’t entirely great, the mobility it provides makes the hero elusive, easily escaping ganks.

One of the players that used the hero effectively was Nisha from Team Secret. His winrate with the hero throughout the tournament was 100%, guaranteeing a point whenever the hero was picked by Team Secret.

However, Nisha unfortunately does not get to play the hero during the semi-finals, and Team Secret was eliminated by Team Spirit.

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