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Pure Sarcastically Trolls Alliance in his Tweets


The controversial carry of Entity, Pure, sarcastically hits at Alliance since they will be participating in ESL Malaysia. Incoming drama from Loda?

Since his controversial war-symbol drawing at minimap, Pure hadn’t shied away from controversy. This time, Pure took a shot at Alliance by sarcastically tweeting at them.

It seems Pure were one of the pro players that were disgruntled by the relegated team’s invitation by ESL Malaysia.

After qualifying for the ESL Malaysia by beating BetBoom 3-0, Pure let out a tweet about their success. He seemed glad to be playing at ESL Malaysia. Then, he mentioned about fighting best teams from all over the world.

However, he also specifically mentioned Alliance in his tweet, singling out the relegated team.

The fans proceeded to eagerly wait for Alliance’s response to Pure’s tweet. Nikobaby and Kelly infamously reacted to Kyle’s tweet harshly about Alliance’s state.

At that time, Kelly even resorted to personal attack at Kyle’s personal lives and character. Her response were negatively responded by the community, and she promptly resigned as Alliance’s co-owner.

Ever since her presence were no longer there for Alliance, it seems the team had calmed down. There were no signs that the team will react to Pure’s tweet, even from the players themselves such as Nikobaby.

Fans of the team were instead looking forward to Alliance’s recovery at ESL Malaysia, and hoped that they could finish at a respectable position.

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