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Since the ban on Steam is still in effect, here are some tips and tricks to get around it for the time being.

Simple DNSCrypt

DNSCrypt has been a solution to circumvent bans and blocks for computers around the world. They are user-friendly and easy to use, as long as the user knows how to navigate the application.

Here are some steps in using the application effectively:

  1. Download the application from the official website here.
  2. After downloading the application, turn on the service by clicking the Resolvers tab and clicking the switch at the right.
  3. Then, click at the cloudflare (DoH) option, wait until the button turns green.
  4. Apply the setting by clicking the button below the enable switch.
Credit: gefrost7 @ r/indonesia

Windows 11 Workaround

If you are using Windows 11, the OS have a native feature to enable Encrypted DNS. Follow these steps to enable the feature:

  1. Access the menu “Setting” from your Search tab.
  2. Then, open the Network & Internet and click on the WiFI/Ethernet (depends on which connection type you use.)
  3. Next, open the Hardware Properties and look for the DNS tab.
  4. Open the DNS tab and click the “Edit” button. Change the setting from DHCP to Manual, and follow this setting:
Credit: gefrost7 @ r/indonesia

Alternatively, you can use your own DNS address for extra protection or privacy. Pissed about Steam ban in Indonesia? Try following these steps!

Note: These settings might not be working if you are using National Internet Providers (Indihome, Telkomsel, etc.), but do try first and see if the method still works.

Special thanks to gefrost7 from r/indonesia for providing detailed explanation on how to circumvent the ban.

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