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DOTA Dying in China, Games Drop Below 20M


Worrying signs came from China as Dota games in that region drop below 20.000.000 for the first time in history.

Dota might have its days numbered as China starts to move away from the region. Total games played in that region have now touched 20.000.000 games, way below their peak in the 2015.

Fans were even more worried that the region would move away completely from Dota, causing instability.

Currently, Dota games in China only reach 19.753.800, 40 million down their peak at 2015. Previously, they were included in the top 3 region in the most played games of Dota. But now, they were eclipsed by the South America region.

Repeated failures in tournaments and government policies were told to be factors behind it.

Ever since Wings victory in TI6, no Chinese teams had successfully reclaimed the Aegis for their country. Instead, they had been runner-ups three times, with two of them being the powerhouse PSG.LGD.

The continued failure were told to be one of the main reason why Chinese began to move away from Dota.

However, there were also opinions that the decline was caused by China governments policies in recent times. The government had limited the amount of playing time for teenagers to only 3 hours per week.

This might have contributed to the fact that Chinese players didn’t experience any regeneration. The roster consists of the same pool of players, from TI veterans to poached SEA players.

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