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Ceb: I Still Want to Play Professionally


In an interview at Riyadh Masters, Ceb confess about his desire to play professionally ever since he retires again.

Looks like Ceb’s drive to play in a high-level have not died yet, according to his latest interview. He said such thing after hosting the panel in Riyadh Master as one of the talents.

Although he is semi-retired, he explained about his passion for Dota is still strong, and would like to play again.

According to the interview by AFK Gaming, Ceb and his drive and motivation are still at a high peak currently which makes him want to continue playing professionally.

“I always do feel that itch. To be honest, the reason why I am not competing is not because I don’t enjoy Dota or competition. I think it is in my DNA, I will always enjoy it. It’s also not because I think I don’t have what it takes anymore, I know I still do,” Ceb said in an interview.

However, he continued to explain that playing Dota professionally requires a lot of sacrifice.

“It is very difficult to have a balanced life in a way. Finding time for your friends, your partner, your family, and many responsibilities you get as you grow up. It is hard to find that time when you devote your life to Dota 2, so that’s kind of what’s holding me back.”

It seems his desire to play competitively once again will be fulfilled soon. Due to Misha’s failure in getting visa on time, Ceb will be standing in for OG as the support again.

Last time he played as a stand-in, OG won the Stockholm Major and guaranteed their place at TI11.

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