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All Current Stand-ins For Arlington Major


Due to visa problems, teams at Arlington Major require the help of stand-ins to complete their team. Here is the most recent list.


With the visa refusal for Pure, Entity had been forced to scramble and look for stand-ins at the Arlington Major. Since the major was located in the US, looking for available players also became a challenge for them.

Thankfully, they managed to reach out to TSM and borrowed Saberlight as their stand-in for the upcoming major. Although there were rumors that Timado would be standing in, it was Saberlight that officially made it to the list.

Talon Esports

Talon will have to play the Major without their talented soft support, Q, due to a visa issue. Fortunately, one of the Indonesian talented support, Xepher, is able to stand-in for him in the Arlington Major.

With three Indonesians on the team, there is no doubt which team will be heavily supported by Indonesians during the Major.


One of the most tragic stories came from Fnatic as they will be forced to attend with three stand-ins. Only DJ and Jabz were able to gain the visa, while the rest of the team failed to do so.

As such, they are now still looking for stand-ins for the upcoming Major. There were rumors that the rest of TSM roster will be their stand-in for the major.

Thunder Awaken

One of the SA teams with the most potential, Thunder Awaken, also had to play without a complete roster for the major. DarkMago, their midlaner, unfortunately, was unable to attend the major due to visa issues.

Not only that, but they were also forced to forfeit Day 1 of the tournament since they will only arrive a day after.

They mentioned that they’re still looking for stand-ins, and hoped they could find one before the Major starts.


Ana gets another shot at professional Dota as Ghost couldn’t make it to the US for RNG. They enlisted the legendary carry service to stand-in for them throughout the major.

Although Ana’s performance was lackluster during Riyadh Major with Liquid, many hoped he could find his form in this major.


Ceb rejoins OG once more as their stand-in support since their captain, Misha, couldn’t make it. Although majority of the fans reacted positively to the news, there were concerns about the team’s chemistry itself.

With them unable to play with their captain in two DPC events in a row, Misha’s position might be in danger of being replaced.

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