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Pure Fails to Secure Visa For Arlington Major


More bad news are coming from teams attending the Arlington Major. This time, Entity faces its own issues involving Pure failing to get his visa.

Arlington Major is about to become the “Stand-in Major” ever since the difficulties regarding visas. Almost half of the participating team would be forced to use stand-in due to the visa problem.

One of the latest teams which had the same difficulty for Arlington Major was Entity, with Pure unable to attend.

The news first broke out when Fishman, a player for Entity, told everyone about Pure’s visa situation. With the tournament due to start soon, everyone thought Pure would be unable to reapply for the visa.

His past controversy about drawing war symbols might also be a contributing factor to his visa rejection.

With Pure’s rejection, Entity would be looking for a replacement core player as soon as possible. One of the names being circulated right now is either Timado or Saberlight.

The latest rumors also say that Timado will instead stand in for Fnatic, which was missing three players of their own.

However, turns out Pure himself has already said that Timado will be standing in for Entity. Pure revealed the information on a Twitch stream of the channel “ultimate_ovissem”.

As such, it is possible that Fnatic will instead ask Saberlight to stand in for them in the upcoming major.

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