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Fnatic To Play With 3 Stand-ins At Arlington Major


Despite qualifying after a very hard struggle in the SEA DPC, Fnatic will be attending Arlington Major with stand-ins due to visa issues.

One of SEA’s representatives, Fnatic, can potentially drop out early from Arlington Major since bad news came in. Three of their players were not able to make it to the Arlington Major after failing their visas.

As such, only DJ and Jabz from the original roster will be able to represent them. Fnatic will need three stand-ins to compete in the Arlington Major.

Fnatic first announced this from various social media accounts, including Twitter. They explained specifically that they failed to attend due to the difficulty of obtaining US visas.

They also confirmed that their Arlington Roster will consist of DJ, Jabz, and three other stand-ins.

Fortunately, PGL and Valve were understanding enough to allow Fnatic to attend with three stand-ins without any punishment. They will receive the same amount of DPC Points without any deduction from their placing in the major.

However, this also became an argument towards Dota events in the US, after seeing all of the visa troubles.

Some fans were even thankful that this year’s The International was held in Singapore instead of the US. Many expected Singapore to be visa-friendly enough to welcome all of the players across all countries, including Russia.

Baring exceptional cases, The International 11 in Singapore later should be able to be attended by all of the players.

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