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Xcalibur claims that to win The International, teams need to get the teamless Topson, a possible secret weapon!

The young midlaner and streamer Xcalibur has been on the scene for quite a long time. He had been in a team with famous players such as Notail and Fly in Fnatic, and also various other teams. Nowadays, Xcalibur teamed up with other streamers for a casual team, Team Bald.

When talking about TI, Xcalibur had the opinion that Topson is crucial for teams who want to win The International.

During his stream, Xcalibur answered some of the questions that his fans and viewers asked. One of them is about the midlaner for teams that already got into The International.

“I actually think a lot of teams can upgrade their midlaner by adding Topson, he’s S-tier,” claimed Xcalibur in his stream.

“He’s one of a kind midlaner. Honestly, I’m in surprise no team change their roster for him.”

Xcalibur went on to say that teams that aspire to win The International should replace one of their player with Topson. Consequently, this brings a spotlight to Topson’s old team, OG, who recently failed to win Riyadh Major.

Although OG had committed to play the upcoming major and TI with bzm, fans were wondering about the possibility. There were opinions on how Topson might be a huge upgrade towards bzm.

However, looking at current OG’s chemistry, it would be near impossible for them to do roster swap before the major and TI.

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