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Black “Apologizes” for Smurfing in Low MMR


In one of the segments in Riyadh Masters, Black, as a panelist, “apologized” for smurfing at low MMR since he gets the ban.

In perhaps one of the most humorous segments at Riyadh Masters, Black admitted to his smurfing behavior. Since he was one of the panelist, it seems he tried to show a less controversial character to the Dota fans.

However, one could immediately see his “apology” as an attempt for humor, not something serious.

After getting to the final day, Riyadh Masters had one segment that include an all-star match. The match was between the casters and several other talents, including Ceb. Since he was one of the panelists, Black also participated in the segment.

During his interview, Black humorously “apologized” for smurfing, and will make it up by beating the casters at the enemy team.

Some fans were confused by his apology, while some quickly caught on that Black was sarcastic during his apology. However, since he won the caster match, there’s even some fans that accepted his “apology”.

However, some fans were also still disappointed by the fact that Black didn’t even field a proper apology.

Evidently, his smurfing behavior wasn’t made to be a huge deal as he was invited to another Major as a talent. Arlington Major would be his next gig as a talent, and it was an official DPC Event.

Some fans went as far as saying that Valve obviously didn’t show care by inviting a notorious “smurfer” as a talent to a Major event.

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