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PSG.LGD Takes Revenge, Reigns Over Team Spirit in Riyadh Masters

Dethan Dario

The Chinese Kings PSG.LGD just took their revenge against Team Spirit!

Team Spirit Collapses in TI10 Grand Final Rematch Against PSG.LGD

PSG.LGD managed to secure a comeback championship win against Team Spirit in the Riyadh Masters, 2022.

The TI second placers managed to exact their revenge in a 2-0 manner, taking home the lion’s share of $1.5 million USD.

Meanwhile, Team Spirit went home $750k richer. The Chinese powerhouse managed to overwhelm their TI 10 rivals in terms of drafting and overall gameplay.


The first game of the series showed a target-lock lineup for Team Spirit. Meanwhile, PSG.LGD composed a team-fight-heavy lineup giving them a superior standing during clashes.

Team Spirit Riyadh Masters

While Spirit locked in an early-win setup, the team still failed to secure a huge lead against the squad.

As the game continued, Ame is able to farm ahead of Yatoro due to the space created for him by the team. The other four, on the other hand, played as together taking down massive objectives.

Riyadh Masters 2022: Team Spirit

Facing a huge downside in their draft, Spirit had given up their first game. PSG.LGD leads 1-0.

For game 2, Team Spirit once again tried to lock down Ame during the laning phase. However, the Chinese powerhouse stomped Spirit after taking their first teamfight win, eventually taking over the lead.

Collapse had a decent Viper game, holding back PSG.LGD from advancing. Spirit, however, never got a strong lead, eventually trailing behind after LGD focused on taking down objectives, eventually taking the game in just 30-minutes.

PSG.LGD are your Riyadh Masters champions

Thanks to the team’s durable cores and a Dazzle support, things really went hard for Team Spirit.

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