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Riyadh Masters: Secret Destroys PSG.LGD With Ease


Secret once again showed the true potential of their new roster by defeating the DPC CN champion, PSG LGD. Is it a sign of TI contender?

With their new offlaner, Team Secret once again showed dominance over an established team. This time, PSG LGD became the victim as they aren’t able to hold off Team Secret’s immaculate gameplay.

With three straight wins, Team Secret now is almost guaranteed to qualify for the Riyadh Masters playoff.

The classic combo of Bloodseeker and Zeus became Team Secret’s strategy for the first game. Due to a greedy pick of Alchemist by LGD, they can’t withstand the global pressure from Team Secret’s lineup with Dawnbreaker offlane.

As a result, LGD gave up at the 26th minute, giving the first game to Team Secret.

Secret decided to switch starts for the second game by having a push-oriented lineup. With Chen and Death Prophet picked, they essentially guaranteed their early game and were able to snowball from their lead.

LGD tried to counter Secret’s draft by picking teamfight heroes such as Warlock and Enigma. However, their long cooldowns prevented them from effectively holding off Team Secret advance through their territory.

In the closing minutes of the second game, Zayac always focused his Doom on NothingToSay, making him unable to participate efficiently. The focus pays off, and LGD always fought with their midlaners either dead or doomed during the whole teamfight.

As a result, Team Secret got a clean sweep against PSG LGD and maintain first place in Group B.

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