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BOOM Outclass Talon in DPC SEA Tour 3 Showdown


BOOM showcases their potential as TI contender by defeating Talon to win DPC SEA Tour 3. With this, they are qualified for the Major!

After their underperformance at Stockholm Major, BOOM once again proved their strength as a team. They defeated Talon in the tiebreaker match to get the first position in the DPC SEA Tour 3.

With their victory over Talon, BOOM gained 500 DPC Points, and almost made them qualify for TI11.

The first game went tight for both teams as both of them had their moments during the game. Talon controlled the majority of the game, while BOOM managed to make occasional comebacks during the game.

However, Mikoto’s on-fire performance on Ember Spirit delivered Talon the victory in the one-hour long game.

Their defeat in the first game lit up a fire, and BOOM proceeded to dominate the second game. They controled the match from early up until the end of the game, and Talon looked overwhelmed.

With only 7 kills, Talon gave up and surrendered to BOOM their victory in the second game, making the match even.

Although fans expected a closer game like the first one, they have to be dissapointed as BOOM dominated yet again. This time, Yopaj’s Void Spirit overran Talon’s defenses to which Talon had no answers to.

With such, BOOM captured the game yet again in the 37th minute and comes out as the winner of SEA DPC Tour 3.

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