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Secret Fails to Enter Major After Losing to Entity


Despite Nisha’s efforts during previous games, it seems Secret will still not be able to enter Arlington Major due to this devastating defeat against Entity.

Despite their best efforts to bounce back in the WEU DPC, Secret still fell short of the Major qualification. Their tiebreaker against Entity ended in a heartbreak after a thrilling match that ended in 2-1.

After losing to Entity, Secret’s best chance to still attend TI is to fight through the TI Last Chance qualifier.

The first game became a classic iceiceice show as he showcased his performance as Dawnbreaker. His global presence made Entity’s job to control the map more difficult, and Secret capitalized on it.

After a grueling 52 minute of back and forth, Secret finally took the first game and went on with full confidence.

However, iceiceice failed to replicate his wondrous performance in the second game with Slardar. Nisha’s Timbersaw became the hope for Secret, but even his hero isn’t enough to carry Secret through Entity and its aggressive draft.

Support Zeus pick worked really well for Entity’s draft, and they gained victory within the 48th minute.

Secret continued their underperformance in the third game, losing control of the map from the early game. Pure’s unconventional carry with Necrophos proved to be too much for Secret, and they dominated the entire game easily.

Although Entity lacked tower damage, they solved the problem by continually winning teamfights.

Crystallis’ Terrorblade cannot do much against a full control teamfight lineup, and Secret forfeit their major spot in the 47th minute.

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