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What Happened To Mekansm and Guardian Greaves?


Both Guardian Greaves and Mekansm are items that enable midgame fights which is essential in the current meta. Strangely, they’ve become unpopular.

In the current meta, midgame fights are important since games are usually over within 30 minutes. However, Mekansm and Guardian Greaves, items crucial for midgame fights, are unpopular for some reason.

It seems both items are overshadowed by other new items that might be more impactful.

Mekansm and its upgrade, Guardian Greaves, have the active ability to restore lost health. Greaves also provides Basic Dispel towards its wearer and provide hefty health regen and armor when on low health due to its Guardian Aura.

However, even with all of these benefits, both items only see a pick rate of lesser than 5%, especially in higher ranks.

New items such as Wraith Pact gain more popularity than previously mentioned items for several reasons. Wraith Pact offers the same health regeneration plus added lifesteal for the physical cores. Also, the active Totem ability reduces every damage by the enemy by 30%, negating a lot of damage.

Both Mekansm and Greaves ability looks to be outmatched by the active Totem damage reduction.

However, even with the low pick rate, it seems Guardian Greaves has a hefty win rate of 64%. There’s only little difference with the Wraith Pact, which currently sits on 66% win rate right now.

Hopefully, players can also try both Mekansm and Guardian Greaves as an alternative for the commonly used Wraith Pact. Heroes such as Dark Seer, Underlord, and even Zeus can use the item to its maximum potency.

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