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Zayac Replaces YapzOr at Team Secret


Due to medical conditions, YapzOr has to be in the sideline while Zayac will be replacing him at Team Secret. A timely addition?

Yapzor’s sudden departure from Team Secret still got fans in shock due to the nature of it. His illness is thought to be serious due to Valve’s decision to give Team Secret permission to replace him in the middle of DPC Tour.

Thankfully, it seems Secret manages to secure Zayac for the upcoming matches to replace Yapzor.

Although Zayac himself have been standing in for Yapzor, it seems the team decides to make the move official. He has been with Team Secret since the beginning of the DPC Tour.

Zayac has a slow start at times, but his performance recently arguably enables the team to defeat Team Liquid. His Clockwerk and Phoenix at that series enables Secret’s aggression throughout the whole game.

Some fans unfortunately are still skeptical about his addition to Team Secret’s newest roster. There are views about how other players would’ve suited Team Secret better.

Names like Save, Rodjer, or even Jerax were thrown out by them, even though the availability of those players can be questioned.

Aside from those speculation, it seems the future is looking better for now at Team Secret. They will be facing Gaimin’ Gladiators and Goonsquad for the last 2 matches.

If they manages to defeat both teams, there’s a chance that they can make it to the Arlington Major, albeit barely.

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