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Japan Valorant Dominates Esports Viewership Worldwide

Dethan Dario

Japan Valorant might actually have the best community on the global scene!

2022 VCT Stage2 - Challengers JAPAN

Riot’s Valorant had enormous success last year. For 2022, it appears the game is taking its success to greater lengths as the viewership continues to break boundaries.

2022’s Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) is one of the most awaited tournaments which will kick off on July 10. Players from Asia Pacific (APAC), North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and Brazil are definitely excited about the game. However, looks like the Japanese agents are even more excited.

Surprisingly this year, Japan Valorant scene has breached other countries in terms of viewership during the VCT 2022 Stage 2.

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  • Japan – 291,787 peak concurrent viewers
  • North America – 216,858 peak concurrent viewers
  • EMEA – 159,693 peak concurrent viewers
  • Brazil – 142,367 peak concurrent viewers
  • Asia Pacific – 106,512 peak concurrent viewers
  • Latin America – 89,633 peak concurrent viewers

In computation, Japan had 34.5% more viewers compared to the second-largest region, North America. Surprisingly, the country has less than half of the United States’ population but still managed to accrue such numbers.

Valorant Gains Popularity in Japan

Historically, Japan’s Valorant community grew following the Masters Reykjavik earlier this year. With the Japanese squad ZETA Division creating a buzz during their run, a lot of attention from the country was hooked up.

Aside from their local team’s success, Riot is also fostering the game in the country through its projects. With its supposed efficiency in localized programs, the game’s popularity in the country augmented its viewerships.

Recently, RAGE spearheaded an All-Stars event where fans were given a chance to interact with some personalities. This has given fans an opportunity to enjoy the game even more.

As of this writing, Northeption is tasked to represent the country in the upcoming Masters event in Copenhagen. More so, should they manage to beat ZETA Division, the country’s viewership is expected to get even bigger.

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