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RSG finally lost their unbeaten run after BOOM cleanly defeated them with a 2-0 score! Will BOOM secure Major spot with this victory?

RSG failed to maintain their unbeaten run after BOOM went past them with 2-0 score. Therefore, BOOM, Talon, and RSG are now tied in the first position with four victories under their belt.

With this victory, BOOM is also looking to solidify their position to qualify for the Arlington Major.

BOOM’s superiority made the first game uneventful as they went on to dominate RSG from the early game. They used fast-paced heroes such as Ember Spirit and Lifestealer to the maximum potential.

RSG couldn’t do much against their opponent’s aggressive gameplay, and tapped out at the 25th minute with an early GG.

The second game went on differently as RSG tried another way to approach their draft to counter their opponent. This time, RSG opted to use fast-paced heroes such as Ursa to dictate the tempo. They found success in both early and midgame, then BOOM showcased their skills yet again.

Yopaj’s Void Spirit and FBZ’s Pangolier managed to make space long enough for the Lifestealer to come online. When that happened, RSG could do nothing but watch as their team gets torn apart by the well-fed Lifestealer. RSG tapped out once again, giving BOOM the series with a score of 2-0.

With this victory, BOOM is now tied at the first position with a few teams, such as their opponent in this match and Talon. As they haven’t managed to gain a sizeable DPC points, BOOM will look forward to attend the Arlington Major in order to secure their TI invitation.

However, their last two opponents, Fnatic and T1, will prove to be challenging as they want to qualify for the Major.

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