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Alliance Speedruns Div 2 After Losing To Gladiators


Alliance speedruns their relegation to Division 2 after losing, yet again, to Gaimin Gladiators. Therefore, they’re winless in 5 matches.

Alliance could not catch a break after losing again in WEU DPC Tour 3, remaining winless after five matches. Although many expects them to at least stay up in Division 1, it seems it is no longer possible.

They’re now sitting at the bottom of the table with a pitiful score of 0-10 in five matches.

Their struggle in the match against Gladiators was obvious enough in the first game, since they struggled in early game. Gaimin Gladiators just continued to gain objectives while Alliance could only watch.

With their draft not suitable for late game, Alliance simply gave up in the 33rd minute and looked to rebound in the next game.

However, instead of rebounding, Alliance found themselves in bigger trouble as they gave up Puck. In the current meta, Puck is highly contested as the hero that provides damage and control while being slippery.

Due to that, Alliance struggled against Puck while the hero have a free game, played by BOOM who performed in a high level. As such, Alliance once again remained winless after tapping out in the 37th minute after failing to keep up.

Alliance now sits at the bottom of the group with five losses and not a single game win. A small hope can still be achieved if the manage to win their remaining matches.

However, it looks near impossible as they will be facing OG and Team Entity in the next matches.

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