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The newly-promoted RSG shows some fight in Division 1 after sweeping NGX SEA!


Even though they just got a promotion, RSG didn’t waste time playing optimally in Division 1 DPC SEA. Currently, they have managed to occupy the first position, ahead of favorites like Boom and T1.

This they achieved after defeating NGX SEA with a score of 2-0 with an utter dominance.

The first game was fairly even for both teams, although RSG managed to get a little gold lead in the early minutes. Even though NGX SEA uses a fairly stable draft, RSG proves again that Bristleback carry is very strong in the current patch.

RSG also won the first game in the 36th minute after winning a teamfight that made them snowball in the late-game.

The second game runs with total dominance for RSG which is more focused on using heroes who can help Terrorblade. Although RSG managed to dominate, they were almost hit by a comeback because NGX managed to win one of the teamfights in the midgame.

However, with the lead already going too high, RSG could still continue their dominance and won the second game in the 37th minute.

With these 4 wins, RSG now sits in first place above BOOM, Fnatic, and also T1. They only lost against Fnatic and will face Boom and Talon in the next matches.

If they win one of these matches, it is not impossible that they can attend the Arlington Major later.

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