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New Kings of NA: Quincy Crew Remains Undefeated in DPC

Dethan Dario

Quincy Crew remains undefeated in the DPC NA Tour 3!

Quincy Crew looks very on fire with their newest roster now strengthened by MSS, FATA, and Leslao. In fact, Quincy Crew managed to get 5 wins in a row during DPC NA Tour 3 this time.

Their most recent win was against Nouns, Gunnar’s team, and won the match 2-0.

The first game was quite interesting because nouns tried experimental drafts with carry Enchantress. However, Quincy came up with their own Weaver offlane, which looked quite effective against the Enchantress.

Due to the outdraft, Quincy managed to secure the late game even though they had problems in the midgame. Quincy won the first game in the 47th minute.

Nouns seem to still believe in their Enchantress carry draft and use the same strategy, although with a different hero composition. Unfortunately, Quincy again countered the draft with a Dawnbreaker offlane which was enough to counter Enchantress.

Although Nouns almost reversed the position in the 25th minute, they did not seem to be able to transition well in the late game and gave up in the 44th minute. Quincy takes home the full points.

Now Quincy Crew is firmly in the first position with a score of 5-0 after beating Nouns. They have a great chance to go to the Arlington Major later if they win against EG and The Cut.

The QC match against EG later will certainly be the deciding match in DPC NA Tour 3.

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