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Alliance in Brink of Getting Relegated Again

Dethan Dario

After struggling to move up to Division 1, it looks like the Alliance will have to go back into trouble and potentially even be relegated again in the near future. After 4 matches passed, they did not manage to get a single win and sit at the bottom of the standings.


Their most recent defeat was against the goonsquad, who bulldozed it by a score of 2-0.

Alliance tries to use a less meta hero at the moment, namely Lifestealer, in the carry position. Unfortunately, their experiment was not successful and the goonsquad picked Beastmaster to counter the hero. Limmp who used Puck also appeared excellent and dominated the match.

Alliance Relegated

As a result, the goonsquad took the first game in the 39th minute, and made the score 0-1 for the goonsquad.

This time it was the goonsquad’s turn to pick an unconventional hero, namely Warlock, in the second game. It turned out that the pick paid off well for them, and the goonsquad often won team fights thanks to this hero.

Alliance vs Goonsquad

Alliance, who tried to use Bristleback carry, seemed unable to keep up with the goonsquad who dominated the match.

Goonsquad also brought home the match this time with a score of 0-2 without any reply from Alliance.

Currently Alliance is sitting at the bottom of the standings with 0 points from 4 matches. Alliance is now in danger of being relegated, and needs to win their next 3 matches.

Unfortunately, their 3 matches will be against Gaimin Gladiators, OG, and Team Entity. OG and Entity are now top of the table, while Gaimin Gladiators will be desperately trying to avoid relegation.

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