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The SEA star support, xNova, admits he’s learning a lot from the veteran kaka!

As one of the players who play in SEA, a lot of expectations have fallen on xNova. Having previously won third place with PSG.LGD at TI9, now he plays in RNG and occupies first place in the current DPC China Tour 3.

During his time at RNG, xNova was very grateful to kaka who recently joined RNG, and said that he learned a lot from him.

During an interview with the Chinese DPC panelists, xNova, who is fluent in English, said about the impact that kaka brought to RNG. He elaborated that kaka brought a lot of positive things, and that had an impact on the 3 wins they had so far.

In fact, he also said that he learned a lot from kaka who is already a Dota 2 veteran.

“I learned a lot from kaka. Starting from reading the gameplay, and also making calls during the game.” Obviously xNova in the interview.

“Kaka always plays calmly, and because of that, his role is quite big in the team right now. I keep trying to learn a lot from him because he’s also been playing for a long time in the professional Dota 2 scene.”

Now, RNG is in first place with 3 wins and 1 loss, a draw with Team Aster. PSG.LGD, which many people think will dominate, still sits in the third position with 2 wins and 2 defeats.

If RNG can qualify for the Arlington Major, many hope that they can show the quality of their team. Especially since the team consists of many finalists from The International.

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