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Topson Claims Anti-Mage is Worst Hero in Dota

Dethan Dario

Topson claims that Anti-Mage is the worst hero in Dota right now!

As a player who often plays in the midlane, Topson certainly has a lot of knowledge about core heroes. Although Topson is known as a fairly flexible player, there is one hero who in this patch he really hates and even categorizes as “the worst hero in Dota”.

The hero is Anti-Mage or AM, and Topson always complains if he is in the same team as that hero.

The dislike of the 2-times TI Winner was seen when he was streaming on Twitch. Every time a player tries to play AM, Topson immediately looks annoyed and hopes that the hero will not be picked.

He gave his opinion openly when he finally managed to play with AM while he was using Tiny.

Topson said even though in that particular game Anti-Mage was a pretty good counter for 2 heroes on Dire, he didn’t feel any impact from him. Topson also said that Anti-Mage is currently the worst hero in Dota.

Whether Topson’s opinion is accurate with the existing statistical facts is a question for fans of the hero.

It turns out that Anti-Mage’s win rate is now quite low, around 47%. Looking at other carries like Juggernaut and Specter, Anti-Mage looks like a very weak carry, even though he can farm quickly after getting a Battle Fury.

What’s interesting is that there is a big difference in win rate if AM is on a different lane. AM has a win rate of 49% which is still pretty acceptable when playing in safelane.

However, when playing in offlane, AM has a win rate of 43%. This fact seems to make the hero’s win rate abysmal in this patch.

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