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VCT APAC: Secret Breaches UB Finals, Dismantles ONIC 2-0

Dethan Dario

Team Secret will be dancing alongside Paper Rex after catching ONIC off-guard, 2-0!

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On June 23, the Adobo Gang Team Secret started their streak after sending XERXIA Esports down the lower bracket, 2-1. After making a great start, the Filipino squad appears to have secured their confidence after making a more convincing win against ONIC Esports.

With their momentous win, Team Secret is now poised to play in the upper bracket finals against Paper Rex.

Team Secret vs ONIC Recap

The first map of the series was in Icebox, a map pick for ONIC Esports. As expected, the Indonesian squad started off the map with a 1-2 lead on the attacker side.

However, Secret completely turned the tide against ONIC in their first buy round. Geared with full equipment, the team is able to shift the momentum, stealing the lead, 3-2.

Dictating the momentum even more, ‘Tondo Gaming’ master JessieVash highlighted a 4-kill defend, eventually putting the team up to a 6-3 lead.

Now on the attacker side, Witz and dispenser aided the squad with their anchored defense. Witz eventually took the final stomp with a triple kill, taking the map 13-8.

The second map was a clear dominant performance for Team Secret as it was their map pick, Breeze.

JessieVash initiated the rumble on attacker side with his Sova. The infamous knifer of Secret took a sneaky double kill while sneaking behind the enemy flank on A site. With his cheap shots, the team is able to take the first pistol round.

Taking an early momentum, BORKUM took matters into his own hands by taking four swift kills after walking through the unguarded mid doors.

Despite having a commanding confidence, ONIC is able to equalize the onslaught, 2-2, with the whole team’s effort.

Stealing the spotlight, the team is able to steal the lead, 3-2, following multiple mistakes from Team Secret. The Adobo Gang, however, did not make it easy after taking the lead back, 3-4, with their efficient split-B push.

Continuing the lead, Secret’s latest addition Jremy boldly stepped up, another four solo kills for Secret. Adding more highlights to his performance, he once again out-aimed ONIC after taking three solo kills in round 9, sending the ahead with 3-6.

Adding more insult to the already wounded ONIC, JessieVash showed how living in Tondo feels like after disrespectfully knifing Lmemore on round 19. This, while leading with 7-11.

With a boosted ego, JessieVash ended the game in B-site after bravely walking inside Viper’s pit, eventually sneaking out with two kills.

Secret to Face Fellow APAC Giant Paper Rex in Upper Bracket Finals

After a wonderful performance from the squad, the team is now sitting on an upper bracket finals slot. Team Secret will now be dancing its clean upper bracket performance alongside their SEA rivals, Paper Rex.

Both teams will be taking their chances as the first grand finalist on Saturday, June 25.

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