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Dragon’s Blood S3 Coming in August

Dethan Dario

Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood will be releasing Season 3 in August 2022!

Season 3 for the Dota anime, Dragon’s Blood, will be released in August 2022, and many fans are speculating about it. The plot and storyline that looks almost finished are factors why speculation about the season being the last is spreading.

However, the potential for other heroes that will appear in Dragon’s Blood S3 such as Sven and Axe makes fans excited.

Through social media Twitter, Studio Mir announced the latest season for Dragon’s Blood which will be released in August 2022. In the Twitter post, they used an image containing several heroes who had not yet appeared in the anime.

Some of these heroes are fan favorites of the fans, such as Sven, and even Magnus.

Season 2 for Dragon’s Blood itself ends on a cliffhanger because many plot elements have not been resolved. Many characters also lost their lives (spoiler!) even though they were the “main supporting characters”.

The fans also hope that these characters can return in Season 3 even though they had to “die” in the previous season.

However, some fans also think that the image is only for promotion and does not mean the heroes will appear. The story of Dragon’s Blood itself has almost reached its climax in Season 2, and it is unlikely that other heroes will appear in the anime.

People also think that S3 will be the start of a war between the Ancients like in the game. If this were true, fans can look forward to more heroes appearing such as Ursa or even Tiny.

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