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RSG PH Shocks Falcon in Playoffs Opener, 2-1

Dethan Dario

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia– MPL Philippines reigning champs RSG Philippines performs in championship mode after shocking the Burmese squad, Falcon Esports, 2-1.

RSG Philippines is now moving forward after their stellar performance, ramped up by perfect team plays throughout the series.

The first game of the series showed an early aggression for Falcon. With their signature Selena for Justin, the team opted with early set ups to take an early lead.

However, RSG PH tipped the scale with their own line up. Locking in an Esmeralda pick for Nathzz, the team is able to equalize with their own sustained aggression.

Partnered with an Angela for Light, the team performed under pressure as Nathzz capitalized on Esmeralda’s kit empowered by Angela. RSG swamped Falcon’s base, 8-13, taking game one.

The second game of the series appeared more one sided as RSG outclassed Falcon with a clear two-digit kill lead.

Surprises were unloaded after RSG locked a Franco pick for Light. Partnered with another comfort Esmeralda pick for RSG, the team easily tip-toed to Falcon’s base early game.

However, the dark horse spirit of Falcon emerged after holding their base down in the 20th minute. In a crucial clash, the team popped off, clearing an equally-clinical bloodbath with RSG, the team tipped the scales, and took the advantage.

Taking a Lord advantage, the Falcon marched towards RSG’s base, sitting on a 3k gold lead. However, the equally proud RSG PH defended their base with their playful mechanics.

In the minute 23, RSG PH tried to end the game with a sneaky Lord take. However, the plans were stomped easily after Falcon once again equalized a team fight at the bottom lane, winged by their ‘crazy driver’ on Justin’s Johnson.

Things completely turnaround after Falcon got themselves a Lord pick of their own. The team sneaked a pick near top mid’s grass, making a clear opening for their marching Lord at the bottom lane to make the final blow.

Falcons closed the game despite being behind 8 kills, 21-29.

Game 3 Thriller: RSG Surprises Falcon with Bursts

The skirmish in the third game started as early as the drafting phase with Falcon stealing the Filipino squad’s Esmeralda pick. Adding more spice to the draft, the Burmese squad also locked in Irithel, a questionable pick within the current meta.

Meanwhile, the reigning MPL PH champs locked a Thamuz as a response to their stolen Esmeralda. Adding another surprise, the team locked a Cecilion for Aqua.

Unlike the first two games, the third game started with a perfectly-balanced exchanges. The quiet disaster started to explode at late game after RSG locked in their key items which melted down Falcon in the late game.

RSG completely locked the series with Light’s surprising hook at the bottom lane, opening a door for the team.

The team is will now be resting, and is now poised to proceed to the semis on June 16, and will be facing the winner in the RSG SG versus Orange Esports.

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