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Qojqva Complains Heavy Nerf To Storm Spirit

Vberni Regalado

Qojqva feels the nerfs towards Storm Spirit was rather too heavy.

As a player who often plays in the midlane, Qojqva can easily recognize which heroes are hit by a nerf. Turns out, Storm Spirit is one of those heroes, and according to him, this can make Storm Spirit back to being a bad hero.

However, the nerf did not come in the form of a direct nerf against the hero, but because of an item.

Qojqva felt it firsthand when he tried base defense with ultimate Storm Spirit. Even though the distance is only from the fountain to the T3 tower, Storm Spirit has run out of mana when he returns to the fountain.

If this happens at 7.31c or before the patch, then at least Storm Spirit still has around 50-60% when returning to the fountain.

The nerf comes in the form of a Null Talisman, which now increases the maximum mana, instead of reducing the skill’s mana cost. Because Storm Spirit’s ultimate depends on the total manapool, Null Talisman can no longer make Storm’s long zips viable.

Now, Storm Spirit players have to calculate which one they will use before committing to gank so they don’t run out of mana.

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