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Skiter confessed that Tundra played badly in the main stage of Stockholm Major!

Although the Stockholm Major was their first major, Tundra managed to achieve a pretty good position, in the third position. They had to admit defeat against OG, who during the major, played with Ceb due to their captain Misha having visa issues.

However, the carry from the Tundra, the skier, said they played “like Herald rank” during the Stockholm Major.

He told him when he had an interview after winning against Alliance with a score of 0-2. Skiter explained that the Stockholm Major was not his first major. He also participated in the Epicenter major with other teams even though he got the last place.

Skiter also shared that his experience during the Stockholm Major was very good because it was the first major offline after playing online for a long time.

He also said that they were initially happy with their performance during the tournament until they played in front of a crowd.

“We’re happy with our performance until we played in front of the crowds. Tundra in front of the crowds, [is like] bunch of heralds.” he continued in the interview.

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