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The new rosters’ debut for both EG and Secret didn’t go too well.

Both EG and Team Secret debuted with the new roster in this DPC Tour 3. EG replaced the legendary player Jerax with Fly. Meanwhile, Team Secret replaced Sumail with Crystallis in order to get better performance.

However, it looks like both teams are still adapting and suffered defeats on their debuts.

Team Secret suffered a loss when they faced the champions of the Stockholm Major, OG. In the first game, Secret almost managed to win the game before OG managed to make a comeback in the midgame.

The second game became a classic game from OG that is very dominant, and Secret lose by a score of 0-2.

EG also started pretty convincingly in its first game against Nouns. However, they had to lose in the 55th minute and hand the first game to Nouns. Although EG could win the second game, Nouns won again in the third game and took full points.

It seems both teams still have to get their respective chemistry in the DPC before they can take a win.

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