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Retirement Soon? Uzi to Take a Rest in Summer Split

Dethan Dario

Uzi is already an icon in the League of Legends scene, and it’s about time for him to take a break.


Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao entered the scene in 2013 with RNG. His prowess in disciplined laning has regarded him as one of the best bot-laners in the world.

Recently, he’s parted ways with his last team, Bilibili Gaming (BLG). Uzi followed through by announcing that he’ll be taking a break from pro play for the LPL Spring Playoffs.

LoL: Uzi Has Officially Parted Ways With RNG

On his live stream, the player told that he will not be participating in the LPL for the same reason.

I will rest in summer for sure. There are many things that don’t have solutions. If I could be a bit stronger, then it wouldn’t be a problem now. There is no such thing as ‘ifs’ in life. Such a pity,” he said.

The player also told that he will be continuing his stream during the summer.

It can be remembered that Uzi had his first retirement in 2020. However, he has circled back to the scene two years later, catching another supposed retirement.

Kicked or Resigned? BLG Speaks Up on Uzi’s Departure

This time, it appears Uzi got kicked out of the organization. In a statement made by BLG, the organization says they jointly decided to part ways.

“After the team’s continuous attempts to adapt in the spring season, the overall progress has not been satisfactory. After full communication with Uzi, we jointly decided that Uzi will rest for a period of time to adjust his condition,” their statement read.

Following his stint with RNG, the player has never caught another highlight of a run in his career.

Currently, LPL is expected to kick off on June 10. It remains uncertain, however, whether teams will be playing onsite or online. One thing’s for sure, however. We will not be seeing Uzi anytime soon!

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