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Dota 2 now has an official bug tracker with fans’ contributions!

Dota 2 bug

Dota 2 has now reached patch 7.31, but there are still many bugs that disturb the game. There are also some bugs that cause cosmetic items that players use to be useless, or even detrimental to gameplay.

Therefore, Valve decided to make an official Bug Tracker on the GitHub website.

Through one of the Dota developers, Jeff Hill, Valve announced that they will use the issue tracker on GitHub to track existing bugs. They will make the tracker public so that all Dota players can submit any bugs they find.

Valve also added that this is still in the experimental stage to see the optimal bug report format.

Dota 2 bug

Previously, Valve tracked these bugs through the Dev Dota 2 website, which unfortunately is now deprecated. Now the site is full of spambots, and the Dota 2 developers no longer pay any attention to the site.

Therefore, many Dota 2 players welcome this latest bug tracker.

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