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Luna Gaming is region hopping after getting defeated in a closed qualifier!

Gorgc fans are certainly familiar with the name Luna Gaming, which previously caused controversy for moving regions. They are a team from Russia that went to Turkey temporarily to play in the WEU DPC Closed Qualifier, even though they are not from that region.

Team Luna (Luna Gaming)

Apparently, after losing against Gorgc, they moved back to DPC EEU and tried again to join the qualifier!

Through a Reddit thread, there were fans who spotted Luna Gaming returning to EEU and participating in the qualifier after losing against Team Bald in the WEU DPC qualifier. This time, they participated in the EEU DPC, although they came back via the open qualifier which was difficult.

The fans in the thread protested this policy and asked Valve or ESL to ban the team.

DPC Winter 2022 Tour

On the other hand, it turned out that Luna failed to breadch the first Open Qualifier for EEU DPC. They have one last chance at the second EEU DPC Open Qualifier later. The qualifiers will start today, although there is no official broadcast for the game.

Luna initially lost in the first round of the Open Qualifier. Many hoped that they would lose again and Valve or ESL could clarify the rules regarding region hopping.

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