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Sumail Officially Joins Team Nigma Galaxy


Sumail finally officially joins Team Nigma Galaxy WEU!

Sumail Nigma

Many have speculated about the truth of Sumail who will join Team Nigma Galaxy WEU. Some thought it was just a rumour, and even players like Ramzes said that Sumail will not join Nigma.

However, it turned out that all of these allegations were proven wrong because Sumail finally officially the team.

Through various social media, Nigma announced the arrival of the “King” with quite a hype. They made an introductory video that looks back to their origins when they were still playing at the Karachi internet cafe, and when they won their first The International with EG.

With the hype, many have high expectations for the “King”, who seems to be playing in the midlane.

With Sumail joining Nigma, he is now close to joining all the legendary teams in EU as well as NA. If Sumail also joins the team in SEA, then he is almost equal to the iceiceice record, which has also joined many teams in various regions.

However, it is unlikely that Sumail will join a SEA team in the near future.

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