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“No[o]ne and Sumail Failed Nigma Tryout” -Ramzes

Dethan Dario

Turns out Sumail and No[o]ne failed their tryout to Nigma, at least according to Ramzes!

There are still many question marks about who will replace the iLTW on the Nigma Galaxy after he gets kicked. However, it turns out that many players have tried out for the team that went down to Division 2. In fact, the players are quite big, such as No[o]ne and Sumail.

As it turned out, Ramzes leaked that he heard that both No[o]ne and Sumail had failed their tryouts for Nigma Galaxy.

At first Ramzes asked about No[o]ne whom he saw scrimming until midnight. He said that No[o]ne had just failed to make a tryout for several teams that they did not name. However, it turned out that the team was leaked because he mentioned -rmN, the coach of Nigma Galaxy.

Resolut1on also asked Ramzes again about who would join Nigma.

Ramzes then leaked that the new player was not No[o]ne, and certainly not Sumail. He explained that No[o]ne didn’t fit into the gameplay of Nigma Galaxy, and had to stay with Navi.

On the other hand, he did not explain why Sumail was suddenly mentioned in the discussion.

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